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By: Patty Powers

Breakfast is normally a light meal with coffee or tea; bread
with butter and jam; and sometimes fruit or fruit juice. Lunch
is traditionally a heavy meal. Appetizers such as fritters and
turnovers may start the lunch meal, followed by grilled meat,
rice, beans, cassava, and greens. Dinner is another heavy meal,
and it often lasts several hours. Dinner usually begins late in
the evening, sometimes as late as 9:00 P.M. Desserts are usually
simple. Typical desserts are fresh or canned fruits with cheese, a
custard called flan, and a 3 milk cake called tres leches. Milk is
usually not consumed as a beverage but used in fruit-based drinks
and coffee, and milk-based desserts are popular. Fruits, vegetables,
and nuts are eaten in abundance. Coffee is very popular in Colombia.
Coffee is harvested in Colombia and thats how you get 100% Colombian

Why did I choose Colombia?
I chose colombia because my Aunt Diana is from
Colombia and i have always wanted to learn more about Colombia.

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Hojuelas Colombians
2 ½ Cup Flour
2 TBSP Sugar
2 TBSP Butter
¼ TSP Salt
¼ Cup Orange Juice
½ Cup of Water
Oil for frying ( Canola, Peanut,
or Sunflower )

*~Mix all ingredients in a deep mixing bowl.
Knead approximately 25 times. Form into a
ball and let sit for 20 minutes.
*~Heat Oil to Approximately 400*F
*~Divide dough into thirds; roll out one at a
time on a well floured surface as thin as possible.
Cut into desired shapes
*~Fry in the oil, a few at a time until lightly brown
on both sides. Flipping once
*~Drain on paper towls
*~Roll in granulated Sugar, sprinkle with confect
ioners sugar, or top with Honey